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Why Use SimpleAlgo?

Become Profitable

Our proprietary AI trading tool can help you increase your profits while minimizing your risk with our precise buy & sell signals and automatic stop loss and take profit levels.

Its Easy to Use

Our product is designed to be very beginner friendly, we also include several guides & tutorials so you can learn more about each of the tools features.

Designed For All Traders

SimpleAlgo works on all time frames, and all tradable markets including forex, crypto, stocks, options and futures. You can also use it on any device, mobile or desktop.

Its Affordable

Since our tools are made for beginner traders, we understand that many do not have a crazy budget to spend on premium trading tools, which is why we offer the most affordable pricing compared to other indicators.

Our features ­čĺŞ

Gain an edge with...

Precise, non repainting buy & sell signals
Customizable notifications so you never miss a signal
24/7 customer support + user guides
15+ premium features
Access to all current and future updated versions
Full premium discord community access

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See what our members think

@anthonyment Verified Review

Coolest indicator IÔÇÖve ever used, literally has everything you need as a trader

@jorgepadilla Verified Review

Really good indicator been using them since v1 and customer service is very helpful 10/10 I would recommend to a friend

@siriasmayron Verified Review

Simplealgo is the best indicator in the market and very easy to use, you can use it with your strategy and you will have good results.

jealouslyson9074 Verified Review

Customer Service is top tier, genuinely took their time to take care of my issue that i had and, product works as advertised. Can't say anything wrong.

@userd2392410062 Verified Review

I love the new one they just released, and i love how they don't get rid of the older versions, I like the pair v1 and v3 features together and it works like a charm

@user752f2410155 Verified Review

Got the indicators instantly, and the support is super responsive, so excited to start trading this week with it

@chatterjeepriyanka Verified Review

Very Accurate. and with a little bit of patience i've already made back my money

@eurotrader Verified Review

I was skeptical at first but believe it or not its actually super accurate and i've already made over $200 using the signals in just a few trades

@potatoman Verified Review

Been using it for over a year and its helped me improve my trading in so many ways

@clickbankx Verified Review

Used it in a 30 min trade made 8.5% profit this is a game changer... Thanks SimpleAlgo

@arneetpatel Verified Review

Works great on indian markets

@daytradingpro Verified Review

Super fast to set up and the alerts really helped me trade bitcoin this morning. Highly recommend especially if you're a beginner

@phoenixx_es Verified Review

Great indicator, just won the same amount the indicator costs in 1 trade

@jorgerg Verified Review

I made back the cost of the algo with my first trade

@leedacrp Verified Review

Profitable signals, easy to use and took less than a minute to setup


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