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By using SimpleAlgo's signals as confirmation, and the automatic risk management feature, SimpleAlgo can not only increase your profitability but it can help you minimize your risk and maximize your profits.

All markets

SimpleAlgo can be used for any style of trading as it has adjustable parameters to fit any timeframe and any market condition. It can be used for stocks, crypto, forex, futures & more.

Easy To Use

Theres a reason we call it SimpleAlgo! It is very beginner friendly, we also includes several guides & tutorials as well as customer support.


Since our tools are made for beginner traders, we understand that many do not have a crazy budget to spend on trading tools. That is why we offer monthly access for only $29.95

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More Helpful Features šŸ˜‰

Take advantage of the many features SimpleAlgo has to offer

Real time, non repainting buy & sell chart signals
Phone & desktop notifications (optional)
Automatic Support &Ā Resistance Trendlines
Automatic stop loss & take profit levels
Moving Average & Volatility Clouds
24/7 Customer Support
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