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The new SimpleAlgo update is amazing

The new SimpleAlgo update is amazing. They really added every feature that everyone has been asking for. I like how they added alerts, that was a big thing the old algo was missing. There is also a chat room on discord now where I can talk with other traders. I bought LuxAlgo previously and its more than twice the price and doesn't even compare to the new SimpleAlgo.

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Absolutely incredible indicator.

Made 300% profit with 10x leverage in the first week using the indicator. I recommend putting from 5 minutes to 1 day timeframe and getting that easy profit! Support professionally replies with 1-6 hours if not sooner. I recommended to everyone trying to make some easy money! 💸

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The tool works very well

The tool works very well, I have been using it for months in my opinion people expect too much for 30$ (they should do research) for the value of 30$ there is nothing better than this tool

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Resulted in an 80% win rate

Result 80% win, 20% loss using - LOVE IT!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SimpleAlgo work for forex?

Yes! Our trading algorithm works for all markets and all timeframes!

How do I setup the algorithm?

Its very simple to setup/use! Once you place your order a tutorial will sent to help you locate the indicator on your tradingview account.

Does it work for the free version of Tradingview?

Yes! SimpleAlgo works perfectly with the free version of Tradingview

Does SimpleAlgo have a 100% Win Rate?

No, there is no such thing as any single indicator with 100% accuracy, SimpleAlgo's signals are not meant to solely be traded off of, they are meant to compliment your existing strategy and to be used as confirmation.

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